Online Grocery Store

The client is a food supplier to restaurants and hotels in Thailand. After Covid-19 period in 2020, he decide to join online market and would like to make an e-commerce website to expand his market.

UX Concept

The is online grocery store website. The user is middle aged men and women in Thailand including senior users. So, we focus on making a simple design that all user can have a plesant shoping experience and checkout smoothly. 

UI Concept

The brand concept is about freshness and happiness, therefore I use colorful color: yellow, bright green, and red to brigthen up brand color that is dark green. These colors are chosen from color of vegetables and meat. It compliments well with food image which is most of the images on the site. 

To make the product image stand out, we use clean and modern design. Nothing to distract customer from their shoping journey.